Is your current computer too old to be upgraded? Have the kids (or your parents!) taken over the only machine in the house?

You need another computer!

Do you have a home-based business? Are the kids doing their homework on your “office” computer?

You need another computer!

Does your computer “clash” with your décor? Beige boxes are boring and basic black machine are too common to be chic. Don’t despair.

We have your solution!

Computer cases come in a rainbow of colors and many styles. Get a keyboard and mouse combo to match or coordinate with the case colors. Accentuate your home decor or show your favorite school or team colors. The choice is yours, indulge yourself! Show your true colors.



Side and End view

If you are short on space, would you like a computer the size of a shoe box?

Pick a new color or even a new shape!


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